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i360 delivers a patient centered interoperable remote care management solution, that enables 24/7 check ups from anywhere

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complete interoperability for the best patient experience

Enabling care between visits


Leverage off-the-shelf & custom connected devices. Enable your care professionals to have up to date biometrics & to engage with patients, alerts, & dynamic care plans to deliver “the 24/7 house call”.

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Augment existing technology


Use i360 with any combination of your existing EMR/EHRs. Integrate with your existing workflows & alert systems. Keep your team happy with minimal impact to IT and clinical teams.

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Maximize reimbursements


Take advantage of increased federal & state reimbursements for remote monitoring & telemedicine. Leverage quality based payments to maximize your ROI.

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Technology-agnostic solution

Conveniently integrates with almost any off-the-shelf or custom fitness, wellness, or medical connected devices.

Works with almost any existing combinations of EMR/EHRs, alerts, and workflows health professionals already use.

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Integrates and enables physician personalized customization of any detailed care management protocols available.

a better experience for all

Patient Experience


Secure & convenient access to care and care professionals with the equivalent of the “24/7 house call”.  Receive true collaborative care continuously and remotely across your choice of providers, networks, clinics, devices, & hospitals.

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Care Professional Experience


Access to continuous patient data and analytics allows you to better monitor and manage chronic patient conditions and outcomes outside of office visits. Create new clinical operational efficiencies with constant accurate triage of chronic and urgent patients to the right level of care.

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Health IT Experience


Seamless  integration to your existing EMR/EHR platforms, workflows, and alerts systems your IT team already has in place.

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Billing and Reimbursement Experience


Maximize billings to the skill level per license. Reduce re-admission penalties, & superfluous ER rates.  Take advantage of Medicare & Medicaid remote monitoring & telemedicine reimbursements.  Manage the transition to quality based payments and MACRA.

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