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leverage i360 to increase your cash flow


Increase your reimbursement levels

Leverage new reimbursements codes from Medicare, Medicaid, and private payers.

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Reduce Re-admissions

 Use of i360's remote patient monitoring will  continue to deliver a high level of care to your chronic care patients, while enabling your clinical staff to focus on acute or higher level of care patients.

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Maximize ROI

Improving patient’s outcomes between doctor visits allows for additional reimbursements.  CMS and private payers are increasing the payment scale almost every day.  New codes are being introduced at a record level as this technology is being adopted.  Improve your operational efficiencies by leveraging your clinical staff and enable them to work at the top of their license.  

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i360 will support your claim in the move from fee for service to the new value based reimbursement system.

i360's connected health solution reduces the frustration of your reimbursement experience. Instead of searching through all of the different applications, encounter notes, and other related documents for the support data to validate your claim, simply pull up all of the patient's information in your local EHR system.   

i360 Healthcare will give you the complete picture of your patient, including the data gathered from remote patient monitoring.  Information that is pertinent to your patient encounter.  


i360 enables your staff to keep post procedure patients healthy in the comfort of their homes.

i360 enables you to take care of your chronic care patients at all times with remote patient monitoring and telemedicine. Your clinicians will stay up to date with chronic care patients' adherence to their care treatment plans. With customized automated alerts tied into your call system, your staff is free to triage and focus on their most critical patients while the system monitors the chronic patient population. i360 can help you dissect your data to determine why patients are being re-admitted. With data gathered from their visit, from remote patient monitoring, and care plan adherence, i360 provides new insight into your patient population.


i360 assists in leveraging your billing and office workflow so you can quickly maximize your ROI.

i360 provides the connected health solution with remote patient monitoring, tying your organizations infrastructure to a cloud based electronic data warehouse. This enables your organization to validate all of your data through your preferred viewer. Maximizing your value based reimbursements, reducing re-admissions, and providing proactive healthcare. This will all boost your bottom line, directly by making sure you are receiving the most from Medicare/Medicaid/Private payer Insurance. 

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